The staff here at MCMJC is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at info@mcmjc.com

We believe that teamwork makes the vision work. We also thank God for our wonderful team, who ensure everything is done in excellence to glorify God.

  • Erick Scott Sr.

    Head Deacon | Musician of Praise T.E.A.M. | B.A.C. Director | Youth Ministry Director | Board Member | Auxiliary Board Member

    Erick is a leader and a faithful man of God, has been a dedicated member of MCMJC since its inception in 2002. He holds the esteemed position of an ordained Head Deacon, exemplifying compassion and a people-person demeanor. Erick's heart for the youth ministry shines as he serves as the Youth Director, guiding and inspiring the younger generation. Additionally, he showcases his musical talent as the drummer in the Praise T.E.A.M. Furthermore, Erick's leadership extends to his role as the Head of BAC (Bishop's Aide Committee), where he diligently supports the ministry. Above all, he cherishes his roles as a loving husband and father.

  • LaToya Scott

    Deaconess | Church Administrative Assistant | Website Manager | Assistant Youth Ministry Director | Board Member | Auxiliary Board Member

    LaToya is a creative, tech-savvy, woman of God, has been a cherished member of MCMJC since 2002. Alongside her husband, Deacon Erick Scott Sr., she actively contributes to the ministry. LaToya holds the crucial roles of Church Administrative Assistant and Website Manager, utilizing her skills in technology and administration. Her passion is for both the tech and administrative aspects. Additionally, LaToya supports her husband as the Assistant Youth Ministry Director, working diligently behind the scenes. As a God-fearing woman, she cherishes her role as a wife and mom.

  • Jerrick Mark Sr.

    Minister | Musician/Pianist of Praise T.E.A.M. | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Little Markers Children's Ministry | Board Member | Auxiliary Board Member

    Jerrick, known as "Jabez," has been a dedicated minister since 2002. As his commitment to the ministry, he serves as a Musican/Pianist in the Praise T.E.A.M. Beyond his spiritual calling, Jabez thrives as a loving husband of Lady Aneisha Mark and father of 2 beautiful children. He is also the Director of Lil' Markers children's ministry alongside his wife. Outside from the ministry, he showcases his entrepreneurial side as a producer in his own business venture.

  • Aneisha Mark

    Lady | Lead Singer of Praise T.E.A.M. | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Little Markers Children's Ministry | Board Member Auxiliary Board Member

    Aneisha has been a faithful member of MCMJC since 2010. She is blessed to be the wife of Minister Jerrick Mark Sr. as a Lady and a proud mother of two beautiful children. Currently, she has the privilege of leading the ministry's Praise T.E.A.M. and actively participates in auxiliaries such as BAC (Bishop's Aide Committee) and the Children's ministry: Lil' Markers. Her love for the ministry and her heart for God's music as a worshipper drives her passion more and more.

  • Ricky Epps

    Deacon | Treasurer II | Armor Bearer | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Board Member

    Ricky is a devoted husband to Deaconess Jayvontay Epps, and father of four. He became a member of MCMJC in 2010, answering the call to serve as a deacon. He plays integral roles within the church, serving on the Bishop Aid Committee (BAC), fulfilling the duties of Bishop Leon Mark's Armor Bearer, and overseeing financial matters as Treasurer II. Ricky's unwavering dedication to the church and its community is evident in his commitment to supporting and uplifting others.

  • Jayvontay Epps

    Deaconess | Church Administrative Assistant II | Praise T.E.A.M. | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Board Member

    Jayvontay has been a proud member of MCMJC since September 2010. As the wife and of Deacon Ricky Epps, she stands beside him as a Deaconess in their journey of faith. Currently, she holds the role of Church Administrative Assistant II, contributing to the smooth operation of the ministry. Additionally, she is an active member of the Praise T.E.A.M., utilizing my gifts to uplift the congregation, and a dedicated member of BAC (Bishop's Aide Committee). She loves supporting the church community through various initiatives within the ministry, wholeheartedly. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family.

  • Tavoris Mark Sr.

    Deacon | Praise T.E.A.M. | Armor Bearer | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Board Member

    Tavoris has been a loyal MCMJC member since 2002, is an active deacon with a strong heart for God. He serves in the BAC (Bishop's Aide Committee), and a member of the Praise T.E.A.M. Tavoris also holds the esteemed position of one of the bishop's Armor Bearers. Besides his commitments, he finds joy in being a devoted husband to Deaconess Wisline Mark and a father.

  • Wisline Mark

    Deaconess | Event Coordinator | Armor Bearer | Usher | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Board Member

    As an usher at MCMJC and the supportive wife of Deacon Tavoris Mark Sr., Wisline is a caring mother from Haiti but grew up in Naples, Florida. Joining in 2018, her love for the church grew as she always lended a helping hand wherever needed. A devoted Deaconess, she embodies a heart filled with love and dedication to the ministry.

  • Shirley McDonald

    Treasurer | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Board Member

    Shirley has been a faithful member since 2002, serves as the Treasurer of MCMJC. In addition to her role on the ministerial board, she lovingly oversees the monthly birthday celebrations. A woman of God with a heart fully devoted to God, Shirley exemplifies dedication and passion in her service to the church and its members.

  • Minister Mark

    Sound Booth Team Operator | Auxiliary Board Member

    Minister Mark is a faithful, honest, young man who loves the Lord. He has been a member of MCMJC since 2003. He is the son of both Bishop Leon and Pastor Towanna Mark. He is also responsible for the execution of media production within the ministry, aka the MarkedSound sound booth team. On his leisure time he enjoys sports and playing video games. Minister is also pursuing his education in the field of Engineering.

  • Erick Scott Sr.

    Sound Booth Team Operator II | Auxiliary Board Member

    Erick Scott Jr., a dedicated and faithful member of MCMJC since 2003, is a goal-setter with a deep love for God. Within the ministry, he contributes as a media production team member in MarkedSound the sound booth team and works closely with his cousin, Minister Mark. Beyond his church involvement, Erick explores his passion for content creation through YouTube videos and is venturing into entrepreneurship. In his leisure time, he finds joy in sports, gaming, and cars.

  • Barbara Evariste

    Media Team Director | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Board Member | Auxiliary Board Member

    Barbara is a devoted wife of Bro. Gethro Evariste and mother, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Having grown up in Brooklyn, NY, she later moved to Florida during her late teens. Barbara is a humble servant who deeply loves God. Since 2012, she has been an active member of MCMJC, serving on the Media Team. Her passion for connecting with others extends to her role as a social media content creator for MCMJC, where she shares the ministry's message with sincerity and dedication.

  • Gethro Evariste

    Media Team Assistant Director Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Board Member | Auxiliary Board Member

    Gethro is a devoted husband and father, deeply rooted in his faith. Since 2012, he has been an active and committed member of MCMJC. Together with his wife, Sis. Barbara Evariste, he serves on the media team, using his talents to support the ministry. Bro. Gethro exemplifies his love for God and his dedication to spreading the message through his involvement in the church's media initiatives.

  • Samuel Epps

    Praise T.E.A.M. Singer

    Samuel has been a God-fearing, devoted member of the ministry since 2002. He passionately serves as one of the worshippers of the Praise T.E.A.M., leading the congregation in worship through his soulful singing. Samuel enjoys expressing his devotion through heartfelt worship and giving his all to God.

  • Mary Mark

    Usher Director | Armor Bearer | Bishop's Aide Committee (BAC) | Auxiliary Board Member

    Mary is a kind-hearted and loving woman of God, consistently displaying a genuine care for God's people. A member of MCMJC since 2017, she holds several important roles within the ministry. Mary serves as the Armor Bearer for Pastor T. Mark, providing valuable support. Additionally, she takes charge as the Usher Board Director, ensuring a warm and welcoming environment for honorees (visitors). Mary's involvement also extends to the Bishop's Aid Committee (BAC), where she contributes to the ministry's growth and welfare.