Bishop Leon Mark Sr, is the proud son of the late Leonard Mark Sr and Thelma Mark. Leon was born in Fort Myers Florida, raised in the Dunbar Community. A graduate of Cape Coral High School, Leon would go on to pursue his education by attending, Institution of Security and Technology, in Miami Florida. After graduating (IST), Leon came back to Lee County to attend Edison Community College and join the Southwest Florida Criminal Justice Academy. After graduating from Southwest Florida Criminal Academy, Leon would go on to begin his career for the State of Florida Department of Corrections. After careful thought, Leon switched jobs and begun working for United Parcel Service Corporate Security Department. From there he transitioned from the security department to become a (UPS) driver. After 30 years of being a safe driver, he then retired.

Bishop Leon Mark, is the Founder, and Senior Pastor of Mark Christian Ministries of Jesus Christ, Inc. He is the co-owner, with his lovely wife Towanna Mark, of Mark Christian Ministry Early Learning Center Preschool in Lehigh Aces, Florida. He is the owner of Re’Markable Consultant Service, LLC and owner of Mark of Excellence Academy, LLC in Tampa, Florida. Leon continues to search and seek excellence in his career and community.

In 2003 the lord called Leon into ministry, while traveling to work one morning Leon saw a great flock of birds hanging along a street wire, The lord spoke to Leon clearly and said I want you to go into ministry. In obedience to the response of the lord, Mark Christian Ministries was launched 12/31/2002 midnight, their was a host of love ones, friends and members that took on the mantle and joined us in ministry.

Prior to launching his own ministry, Bishop Mark functioned in varies fields of ministry from Deacon, Asst Pastor, Board of Directors and Pastorship. Bishop Leon Mark is a man after Gods heart and love Gods people.

His purpose is to build disciples and the kingdom of God, for Gods’ glory.

“Nathanael answered him, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip replied, “Come and see.” ‭‭John‬ ‭1:46‬ ‭AMP‬‬



Towanna Mark is the Pastor of Mark Christian Ministries of Jesus Christ Inc. under the leadership of Bishop Leon Mark, which is also her husband as well. Towanna stood beside her husband during the birth of this ministry in December 29, 2002. Towanna works beside her husband faithfully to execute The daily operations of the ministries, and to assure that whatever the ministry needs, the resources are made available. 

Towanna is also an advocate for children, which launched Mark Christian Ministries early learning center on April 15, 2002. Towanna is very passionate about the well-being of children. Her motto is, "Children that pray will stay in the will of God (Proverbs 22:6)". If she can just impact one child at a time, she has fulfilled the calling that God has on her life while on earth.

Towanna is also passionate about Women and giving them the tools that they need to be successful women in their career, education, or on a spiritual level in Ministry. I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me is one of her favorite scriptures. There is nothing too hard for God. If you set your heart, your faith to the wheel, God will be the pilot, and anything you seek out to do can be achieved. Towanna loves her family, husband, God's People very much. 

Towanna serves as the Pastor, Vice President, Executive Director and Administrator of this ministry and preschool. She has 30 years plus of management in her previous experience. She was a manager with Grandy's for seven years, a manager with Amerada Hess for seven years, and opened her own business on April 15, 2002 (Mark Christian Ministry Early Learning Center). Then on April 26, 2021 launched Mark of Excellence Academy. 

She has 30 years plus experience of business administration and very passionate about the execution and operations of the church, not only spiritually, but on a professional manner as well. She believes it is her goal in her spiritual walk with Christ that, not only do we meet our goals but also exceed them, and strive for excellence. God has placed her in this position, and it is her heart's desire to take the ministry above and beyond what they could have ever prayed for. Towanna is a loving mother, sister, daughter, wife, woman of God, entrepreneur, author, Pastor and many other hats. But the one that is most important to her is the Christian walk as a woman of God that God is calling her to be. What do you get when you come to our ministry? Love, respect, honor, and the Word of God. Simply put it: you get Jesus!

Our objective is to make a mark in people's lives that can never ever be erased. 

Towanna Mark

Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur, Multi-Business Owner



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